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Thursday, 2 December 2010

Secondhand Kites

We always have selected Secondhand kites available, please call us for prices/sizes etc!

All Complete with bag/bar/lines etc

Genetrix Origin
1 x 7m as new £525 (provisionly sold)
1 x 9m as new £525
1 x 9m very good condition £425
1 x 11m very good condition a couple of small repairs. £499
All in excellent condition!

Fiction 132 x 41 £295

Fiction 152 x 44 £295

Ballistic 160 x 44 £299

Zeeko Notus
1 x 7m professionally repaired £350
1 x 10m professionally repaired £299

Brunotti Double 007 135 Mutant board excellent condition £125 call for more details.
We often have other kites/boards for sale please contact us for more options!

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