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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

RAC News Feature

Click the link here and scroll down for the video......  HERE

We recently did a photo shoot with the RAC about our "journey to work" which was pretty cool to be fair.
We spent the whole day driving small sections of road over and over again so they could get the right shot!

We very rarely go to Ogmore to be honest however it was deemed to be a more interesting drive than our regular drive so off we went with approx 4-5 GoPro's attached to the van plus several digital SLR's
Digital SLR setup within the van and attached to the bull bars!

This had Four thousand hits in the first three hours after it went live......and counting

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Mutiny Kites 2013

Woah, this could be the year Mutiny kills it!
Below are the new kite line up from Mutiny Kites based in the UK and mostly tested in the UK too!

From the top...

Monday, 4 March 2013

A bit of a video diary from the past winter!

It's been a pretty good winter for me to be honest, even though it did start a bit rough what with breaking my ankle and leg in early December but as it happens it didn't really make much difference as I only missed a handful of sessions and only one that really stands out.
The past few weeks have been a bit sh*te but then again it's aloud me time to update the Blast website  plus get some of these video's finished and uploaded too! This is the latest video of some wave sessions during the past few months taken at a few spots along the S.Wales coastline.

The best snowkite conditions we have had here in S.Wales  EVER!
Big thanks to andy9lives for suggesting meeting up at Storey Arms to check out the snow, we never dreamed it would be this good mind.

A cold session early December taken at Llangennith and Fresh Water West with just myself and two mates out! It's super cool to have mates that are super amped to get wet as much as these to, cheers Ads & Gareth

 Couldn't wait any longer to get back in action and then found the plaster cast fitted perfectly inside the snowboard boots with the liner removed!
The leg now is healing pretty good and I hope it's not going to slow me down pushing myself especially with full on kiteloops.

As I'm writing this we've had yet another long February of cold easterlies, seems to happen every year. Hopefully it will change back to regular SW direction soon and the lessons season will get off to another awesome year like last year!

Bring it on!