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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Another belter of a day here in S.Wales

This winter has been the best that I have know..ever!

It's been incredibly mild and the winds have been constant now since October...through November and now all of December too!

Each week has thrown another week of solid strong conditions....and plenty of surf too!
These are some stills taken from the video above
Kite is Epic Renegade and Wainman Magnum 5'7

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Happy Xmas everyone!

Hope you all have a great holiday!
We managed a sweet session today at rest bay and then a downwinder to coney beach just in time to see the Xmas day swim....thousands there too!

Video to follow, possibly!?

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Saturday 17th December - The day the snow arrived!

We made the effort to get up the Brecon Beacons on Saturday 17th December, fueled by the weather forecasts for our 1st snowfall of the winter so far. We arrived to find only a small amount of snow covering the lower areas near the carpark.

We met a few other keen kitesurfers eager to try the snow but as the snow cover looked so bad they headed off back to the coast, we decided to walk the dog up the mountain anyway and once up higher were pleasantly surprised to find plenty of depth to the fresh snow.
We then had to hike back to the van to get the kites and boards etc and once again trek back to the top - it was worth it though!
We had a few hours playing in pretty strong winds on the Epic Renegade 7m kite before we packed up to head back the 45mins to Porthcawl.
Rest Bay greeted us with a nice strong cross-shore wind and a super nice 3-4ft wave.We all had one of the best sessions i can remeber with the sun slowly setting on an amazing day here in S.Wales.
As it happened we had the Blast Xmas Bash that evening so by 7.30pm we were out with good freinds in the local pub for a well earned meal and one or two drink's too!
All in all, an amazing day!

Friday, 9 December 2011

GoPro HD2

So we just got hold of the latest GoPro HD2 the new updated version of this now classic little video camera.

These camera's have been making shakes in pretty much every extreme sports due to their compact and yet rugged nature, oh and their amazing quality footage too!

We have just had some amazing conditions and it's a shame we didnt have it here in time for those epic sessions but we have plenty more coming next week. Today we had some nice beach break fun though and was perfect conditions to play around with the camera and get to grips with exactly what it can do.

We managed to get some awesome footage and also some half decent photo's as seen here:
Today's session was also the first time we have had the chance to try the all new 2012 Blankforce Advisory Carbon Board....this board has a lot to live up to but...WOW
This board seems even smoother than the last one but still has an insane amount of pop. These boards just make you want to try new stuff...every session.

Monday, 5 December 2011

South Wales Point Breaks...............

We are so lucky in S.Wales to have so many reef and point breaks scattered along our wonderful coatline!
These also work on our predominant S.Westerly winds and provide clean wave faces but the winds can still be hoofing in.

Today we lucky enough to have a visit from 3 x Bitish Champion Will Bennet all the way from deepest pasty land.

We met at our house and Blast HQ for a catch up and a quick brew, Will had already had a sneaky peak at another point break on the way to ours and reported a decent swell and some strong westerlies too.

Anyway Will, Sarah and a mate Daniel and I made the short trip to our local Point Break..about 500m from our Blast HQ, we were met with a nice if a little small right hander firing off clean waves ready to be smashed!

Here are a few pics that my daughter Katie took for us, pretty sweet job especially considering she'd never take kitesurf photo's before....proud of me girlie!
Will Bennet