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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Les Gets/Morzine

So been here a few days now and although the snow is not brilliant this season, the pistes are in amazing condition.
Anyway we've been having a great well earned break from business back home, although we did meet up with a kite brand rep yesterday for a blast down the slopes.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Team Rider - Dean Morgan

By Blast Team Rider  - Dean Morgan

I am proud to be associated with Blast kiteboarding And Wainman Kites and boards.
As Marc has mentioned i started kitesurfing right st the very start of the sport, There were no water relauchable kites then and no twin tip boards. I started out on a 4.9 Flexifoil Blade and a 6ft 6" surfboards with straps. The learning curve was intresting to say the least with very limited saftey.

I was associated to Naish from their very first kites, and developed some twip tip boards with the help of local surfboard shaper Roger cooper, The sport was moving so fast that almost every new article in the magazines showed new boards and developments in the kites. With ever improving riders such as Mark Shinn, Danny Searles and Jason Furness pushing the boundries of the sport. These riders i got to know very well over the years.

back in the day there were mainly 3 Brands who produced both kites and boards.

WIPIKA: was led by a team of French guys who were right up there with riders such as Franz Olry who is now associated with Wainman, and Seb Cattalan who is still pushing the boundries with GENETRIX Kites and world speed records.

NAISH: Led by Robby naish and designer Don Monitguie and the team in Maui which included Flash Austin and the person that was pulling all the moves you see today over 10years ago Mr LOU Wainman.

CABRINHA Again based in Maui led by Pete Cabrhina and a team of local riders who again pushed the develpoments of the sport.

Board design has changed dramaticly with numerous and different types and styles available, believe me i have had the lot, from surfboards to really small Twin tips ( 115), to mutants to stubbie mutants back to twip tips with 6 fins, twip tips with fins in the rail, production boards, custom boards.

Kites pretty much remained the same with slight tweaks here and there in material and what some called gimmicks, but it wasn't until the era of bridled kites that the sport really changed for the better of all.

If you see me at the beach say hi and have a chat, if you would like to demo the kites, and boards i am using then ill gladly let you use them.

My one word of advice for the beginner's out there is Please please please have lessons i have gone through and seen some really shocking incidents. Professional advice from Blast Kiteboarding is the best investment you can make.

Good winds

Monday, 17 January 2011

New Blast Team Rider

It is with great pleasure that we welcome new Blast Team Rider..Dean Morgan

Blast will be sponsoring Dean with Wainman Hawaii Kites & Boards

Dean has been on it since the beginning using Flexifoil Blade kite and surfboard and has seen all the designs come and go since. He is past British Freestyle Champion and was sponsored byt the Naish team in there hey day! (those were great days)
Dean can usually be seen quietly getting on with it at Aberavon and is one of the most approachable guys on the beach, so next time you see him down Aber say hi & get him to show you some of his trade mark moves....or check him out on his surfboard ripping the waves.

More pics and info to follow!

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Brazil Autumn Trip 2011

With our partners at we organise bespoke kitesurfing trips on the north east coast of Brazil.

We tailor each trip according to your needs and expertise.
From the moment your airplane touches down, we will take care of your every need until the time you fly back. We prioritize safety to travel on secondary roads and off-road, keeping a maximum contact with nature yet always preserving the ecosystem and local culture across some of the most stunning and remote places with an experienced team of professional guides and drivers with specific knowledge about kitesurfing in these regions.
•Fully insured trips
•First aid qualified drivers
•Experienced drivers and guides with full knowledge of the area
•English speaking guides
•Support from Embratur Brazilian tourism minister cabinet
•A support team on standby
•List of kiterepair and shops along the way

Friday, 14 January 2011

Great January Day

What a great day...again! Two sweet sessions in pretty mild conditions too. Above photo is my beloved Sarah really getting  to grips with the 9m Mutiny F.Series Kite.
Big winds due Saterday so hopefully may get to try the 7m + 5.5m Mutiny's.

Monday, 10 January 2011

Mutiny Test Day

We were just about to head off to the beach for a session with some of the new kit we have. Sarah still had not had chance to try the Wainman kites and was desperate for a full day on the water.
Just as we were leaving for the beach with some mates DHL rocked up in there van....Bingo!

Yup the new Mutiny kites arrived just in time for a sweet session in 25mph + winds. It was a great chance to try our new kites back to back...Mutiny/Wainman/Genetrix/Zeeko
One thing that was clear is that there is no one kite that is better than the next, each person who tried them had there own favorite.

The Mutiny loves to be flown with spirit and rewards you with smooth effortless performance, the jumps were extremely lofty & very floaty.The kite flys very far forward in the window and is strikingly narrower than many of the new delta kites available from many brands now.The higer aspect shape of this kite helps with it's impressive upwind performance. Kiteloops were....well, huge! Can't wait to really spend some more time dialing in to the kites.

The attention to detail on the kites is simply stunning, this kite really is of the highest quality possible.
We spent a good 3 hours giving the kites a good thrashing in winds that peaked at over 30mph at times and loved every minute of it both on the TT and the surfboards.

The wind is forecast to blow all this week so we will get plenty more chances to try the kites in decent winds. If you want to try one of these awesome new kites get in touch with us and we will sort you out asap.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Wainman Smoke

We've managed to snag a few sessions now on the Wainman Rabbit kites and I have to say I'm absolutely loving them. Super easy to use and plenty of power when you need it but also huge depower too.
And they look cool too!

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Rest Bay Porthcawl 8th January

What a sweet day in South Wales today. The sun was out and there was a great mix of old timers plus new beginners down mixing it up.

Tom Butler Blast Team Rider Testing his new Mutiny/Blankforce/Mystic 2011 gear

Me my kite, my board, my dog!
Amazing what a bit of sunshine makes!

Friday, 7 January 2011

Zenith Ocean Voyages

Blast are super stoked to have hooked up big time with the guys at Zenith Ocean Voyages. I will be spending a month Teaching (and lots of scubbing the decks so I've been told) from next month.

I met the owners Ged and Susy a few years back while kitesurfing abroard and have watched them work hard ever since to start there new venture together. This is not just a dream it truly is a passion and bloody hard graft too. Ged has already worked on Charter Yachts for many years and they are both super keen kitesurfers too.

I will post up here and on our blog updates whenever I can get wifi. It's planned that we will be in some wavespots during the trip.

They also have a planned visit for Naish Pro rider and photog to be with us for a week too so it will be cool to report on this from an regular kitesurfers point of view. No idea yet who this will be.

Exciting times at Blast Kiteboarding....................


Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Rest Bay 4th Jan

We had a sweet session on the 4th Jan after a very long no wind period! It was great conditions to try out the Wainman Rabbits we took stock of before Xmas.
If you'd like to demo a Wainman Kite let us know and we'll arrange it for you.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Blast Morocco Trip

Thats right we have another trip going to Morocco staying in the same hotel as previous trips. The hotel is bang opposite the beach which itself is a great spot for all abilities, offering flat water or waves.
The trip is planned for August as this is one of the windiest times of the year for Morocco.
Prices include Flights/Transfers/Hotel/Breakfast
Contact us for more info.

First South Westerlies in a long long time.

At last we have some SW here in S.Wales
Hopefully photo's too follow.