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Monday, 23 August 2010

New Van

You aint gonna miss this down the beach!

We decided the old subtle graphics needed to go

, well we have been intending to do this since we got the van last december and have only now got around to it!

It's getting windy!

We have just had a few really awesome windy days here, starting late on Saterday and again today. The next few days look excellent too, so hopefully we will get plenty of sick kiting done and have a few new pics up here soon.

Pics above was taken at Coney Beach by Clair Beach

Friday, 6 August 2010

Summer Winds

An advanced lesson with a student, transitions, jumps etc

Photo above is Lionel less than 3 weeks after lessons with us!

What a awesome summer we are having.....plenty of sun & wind and a steady flow of uber keen students.

Students have been amazing this season, we are not sure whether it's our incredible instructors, the latest equipment or simply just beginners luck but there are loads of new kitesurfers up and running on our beaches now..

Big up to a few of them... Laura, JP, Greg, Lionel, Duncan, Arnold, Charlie, Andy, Julian and many more!