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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

It's been long time coming!

Bad advert for Blast or Kitesurfing?

I really don't think so, we have been pushing ourselves kitesurfing for the past 12 years plus (almost 20 years between the two of us) This is the first time either of us have really hurt ourselves, and we'd both do the same again tomorrow. Both our injuries were from KITELOOPS.....they are punishing, and quite a few of the top pro's have injuries stemming from kiteloops, but they are very very addictive and the ultimate "high" that kitesurfing can provide!

Kitesurfing is still a pretty safe sport if basic guidelines are followed and indeed we have seen way more injuies over the years in sports like MTB, Skiing/Snowboarding/Wakeboarding etc etc Kitesurfing is safer now than it ever was, the kites have huge depower and a much bigger wind range, instruction is also very professional these days.

If you want adrenaline, you want excitement, you want to enjoy the total buzz of flying over the water then get in touch with us now! is very addictive!

As the titles says, it's been a long time coming!!

I like to think I have not held back from anything that I have done in life especially in the sports I love so much and anyone who loves their sport as much as we do knows the risks we also take every day.

Sports like kitesurfing are called "extreme" for a reason and we all put ourselves at risk every time we rig up our kites but this is part of the reason why we are addicted to them and the adrealine they provide us.

After a lifetime of enjoying the thrills of many adrenaline sports and also competing at a high level in many of them I have seen so many injuries over the years (some pretty serious) and you always day it may be you.

Kiteloop Brazil
Over these many years I have enjoyed throwing myself of mountains both on snowboards (qualified instructor) mountain bikes (everyone should ride downhill in Morzine at least once in their lives) surfing all over the world at many of the best spots known and ofcourse kitesurfing since the begining of the sport here in the UK.

To be honest I've had so many good sessions and good times over the past two months or so...after our amazing wedding we hit N.East Brazil for two weeks of solid 7m days, some on the lagoons and some on the surfboards doing down-winders. Then we arrived home just in time to compete in the BKSA British Wavemasters where I won the UK Seniors title and Sarah scored 2nd in the ladies, I then immediately jetted off to the Hatteras USA to visit Epic Kites for their dealer week...this turned into two amazing weeks courtesy of Hurricane Sandy. Since returning home Sarah had her knee checked out as she'd hurt it bad in the comp and unfortunately it turned out she needed surgery to replace her ACL...which a week later she had done and is now on crutches and off work for a few months at least.

Hurricane Sandy USA
Over the last week or two I've scored a few more awesome days including a fantastic day down West Wales with mates..Andy9lives, Stubsy and Ian. The surf that day was pretty all time, plus we had a fantastic day at llangennith last Friday with Gareth and Ads, I was totally lit on my all was good in the world!

Sunday was shaping up to be a particularly nice day, 20 knots plus and cross shore winds with sunshine too. We arrived at Aberavon beach and met up with all our usual regulars...all buzzing for a great session to come. W/ends have been pretty poor for the past few months and at last the w/end guys could fill their socks.

Fresh West WALES
BUT like I said in the begining, it's been a long time coming, I knew I'd gotten away with so much (other than the usual sprains etc) So on Sunday I rigged the 9m Screamer for a change and took my Blankforce Advisory in for a boosting session as there was no surf at all and all my recent sessions had been on a surfboard and I do like to mix it up a little.
Waiting for the ambulance

I normally do a few minutes kind of warming up and sussing out the wind/conditions but this time I did a high kiteloop on my first run, then another and then on my third one I landed really fast and super powered, as I was trying to run it out I caught an edge, the board flipped over and the force of this ruptured my ligamnets in the ankle and snapped my fibluar.
Oh sh*t!

I now know why this kite is called an EPIC "SCREAMER"

The guys on the beach were all fantastic, calling an ambulance immediately, keeping me warm, and keeping the banter flowing too ( and keeping my mind from drifting into negative thoughts)

I was taken too the hospital and after X-Rays I was plastered from my toes to thigh and kept in overnight and told I'd have an operation on Tuesday. However after some more X-Rays they replastered my leg just below the knee and was able to leave late last night.
When I have the plaster removed hopefully all will be good if not then I will have to have the operation, so fingers crossed!

Whatever the outcome, I have got off extremely lightly both now and over all the years I have pushed myself in these such addictive sports.

If kitesurfing ever became totally risk free I am pretty sure I'd find some other "fix" but for now I can't wait to get back out there with my life to the full!

So after a lifetime of reckless abuse, time has eventually caught up with me, I've never had stiches, never broken a bone (lots of cracked ribs and cracked pelvis though) never been in hospital etc etc I still consider myself extremely lucky and intend to carry on once ready and fit to do so.

The Physio was an old student of Blast Kiteboarding, cheers for all the help Lucas
I'm now back home with my beautifull new wife and we're both wobbling around on crutches, both unable to drive and both itching to get back on the water! We were meant to be flying off to Barcelona today to meet up with Blankforce Boards  and also enjoy a few relaxing days sitting in cafes watching the world wizz past, something we never get to do as we are usually way to busy to do "nothing".

In the mean time it's business as usual at the Blast HQ and we are still really busy with orders especially with Christmas fast approaching, we are also both busy on the website and everything else we don't usually have time to do in the busy teaching season. I will also be down the beach evey opportunity to take photo's of the guys and offer advice for tricks (maybe not kiteloops though)

Also we have a truck load of demo gear available to try, obviously kites from Epic/Mutiny/Genetrix but also boards from Blankforce/Epic/Juice/Litewave and also some Dynabar's etc

so...ride hard but ride safe!
Sarah took this shot of my first run


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