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Tuesday, 30 March 2010


What a day!
Arrived at Rest Bay and was seriously thinking NO I ain't gonna bother with that sh*t! Anyway decided to give it a go anyway and it was well worth it.

Big surf started pushing through and I was nicely powered on my 7m Zeeko Notus and my Calibro9 Killer 5'7", Sarah & Alun were on the 5.5m Notus Lite's
Really didnt want to get out, even the sun came out (for a while)

It's day like that, that make the winter bearable!

Sunday, 28 March 2010

The Point, Porthcawl

Saterday a few of us met at Rest Bay, but very light winds. Alun Jenkins and Tom Butler set off for Aberavon, I set off for home!!

On the way home I thought the wind was picking up slightly so checked one of my favorite spots, a point break near our house. The wind was showing steady 20mph on my wind meter so I called the other guys who were still watching light winds at Aber.

I had about 1 hour of pretty good conditions on the point. Small waves peeling right and the N.W. winds also from the right, perfect conditions for me!! I was joined by Alun, Tom and Gareth Jones all extremly conpetant kitesurfers.

Above is a photo from the point back in December on a slightly bigger day.
NB. This is not a spot for novices or even intermediates as there are rocks surrounding you everywhere plus strong rips etc.

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Llangennith, Gower

My life flashed before me!
Huge swell at Llangennith!

Well kind of. Very heavey session yesterday at Llangennith in what can only be described as HUGE surf. The wind was cross shore and very light, in fact too light for the size of the swell.
We had a go anyway on my 1st attempt I was making my way out through the swell when a massive wave rearred up in front of me, I tried to kind of duck dive into it. It was like a bomb going off!! I got mullered!
Eventually emerged out of the wave only to find the kite still in the air but had zero power and heading for the water, with another set wave approaching. I quickly released the kite so as not to get dragged/tangled with the lines etc. Once back on the beach I sorted out the lines which only took a minute and headed back out.

This time I managed to thread my way out through the enormous swell. Even when about 3/4 mile out the swell was still pumping and waves still breaking. I caught a few waves back in and as the wind was getting even lighter decided to call it a day.

Quit while you ahead.
It's days and sessions like that, that make you feel alive!!

Thursday, 25 March 2010

S.Wales Kitesurf School

Kitesurf Lessons
Blast Kiteboarding Kitesurfing School is getting busy busy busy now with a lot of bookings coming in.

We have already run a record number of lessons on the beaches of S.Wales and taking more bookings evry day. The kiteschool is run to the highest standards under the guidelines of the BKSA, of which it is an approved school. We use the very latest & safest equipment available to allow the student to progress as quickly as possible.
If you are thinking of taking up this amazing sport, please dont hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to advise.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Breeze Boards, South Africa

Wet day here today but the forescast is looking good for a few days. Hopefully we will get plenty of teaching done and more time enjoying all the new gear we have.

On the way are the all new BREEZE HOODLUM Wave boards made in South Africa. These are shaped by renowned shaper Fred, they are super tough and a proven shape for all conditions.
We also have stock and demo of the BREEZE STORM Twin Tips

Can't wait!

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Breeze Kiteboards South Africa
We are now the Official Distributors for BREEZE BOARDS from South Africa!

These boards are simply stunning, there are two TT boards and both a Thruster and a Quad Fish Surfboard available.

We have a few demo boards available already and will have more demo boards and stock available very soon.
If you have or no of a school/shop that would like to use/stock the range of boards from BREEZE contact us now!!!

Hey, welcome to the new Blast Kiteboarding Blog

Here you will find all that is going on both at Blast Kiteboarding and also Kiteboarding in the S.Wales area.

Blast is a school/shop run by Marc & Sarah, based in Porthcawl but using all the beautifull beaches S.Wales has to offer. So it doesn't matter if it's Rest Bay or Freshwater West, you can expect to see us there sometime soon.