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Saturday, 27 March 2010

Llangennith, Gower

My life flashed before me!
Huge swell at Llangennith!

Well kind of. Very heavey session yesterday at Llangennith in what can only be described as HUGE surf. The wind was cross shore and very light, in fact too light for the size of the swell.
We had a go anyway on my 1st attempt I was making my way out through the swell when a massive wave rearred up in front of me, I tried to kind of duck dive into it. It was like a bomb going off!! I got mullered!
Eventually emerged out of the wave only to find the kite still in the air but had zero power and heading for the water, with another set wave approaching. I quickly released the kite so as not to get dragged/tangled with the lines etc. Once back on the beach I sorted out the lines which only took a minute and headed back out.

This time I managed to thread my way out through the enormous swell. Even when about 3/4 mile out the swell was still pumping and waves still breaking. I caught a few waves back in and as the wind was getting even lighter decided to call it a day.

Quit while you ahead.
It's days and sessions like that, that make you feel alive!!

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