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Sunday, 31 October 2010

Calibro9 2011

Just getting someimages through for the 2011 Calibro9 Surfboard range.
More details as we get them.

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Genetrix 2011

Genetrix believes in a two-year major cycle, which means that only minor changes will be made to their kites for 2011. The all-around Origin will be receiving a few minor tweaks for the new year while the unique Hydra will remain largely the same for 2011.

Genetrix is also updating their popular XWY riding shorts and will be coming out with a new golf travel bag.

Genetrix US Distributor Gerard Bourgeois sat down with us during the Genetrix trip to Vanuatu to let us know what is happening for 2011

What are the changes being made on the 2011 Origin?

For 2011, most of the changes on the Origin will be on the bar. It will have a shorter bar, new stopper ball, improved donkey doodle, new grip, and improved color coding.

The Origin’s canopy will also have bold new graphics and colors and some minor bridle modifications are still possible, but the R&D on that is still underway as of the deadline for this article.

Why has Genetrix decided to update the Hydra on a two year cycle instead of annually?

Genetrix believes in evolutionary product design with all kites on a two year major R&D cycle. This prevents the release of unproven concepts, which sometimes happens when companies are overeager to rush out a new design just because it is time for the new model.

Thus, the Hydra, having already evolved through four different generations and having already achieved world-beating performance will see only minor modifications to the 2011 version in the form of minor bridle adjustments for increased stability.

Because the Origin was all new in 2010, the 2011 kite will see more changes.

What rider input is Genetrix putting into the 2011 products?

We listen to both our team riders and our consumers and have chiefly made material changes that result in increased durability and design changes that result in increased stability.

How will the Genetrix bar be different for 2011?

The 2011 Origin bar will be shorter and will feature a new stopper ball, improved donkey doodle, a new grip, and improved color coding.

What riders will really appreciate the Hydra? Which ones should choose the Origin?

The Hydra is a kite designed for performance under the world’s most challenging and gusty conditions.

Almost all of the riders who compete in the speed kiting trials in Namibia have a Hydra, even ones who are not sponsored by Genetrix.

Because it is a thoroughbred, we feel that it is most appropriate for intermediate and advanced riders.

The Origin is an ultra-fun freestyle kite with a very easy relaunch, so it is our most beginner friendly kite, although the performance is enough to satisfy the most advanced freestyle and wave riders.

Why would a rider who loved the 2010 Origin want to consider upgrading to the 2011?

Chiefly for the improved bar and the terrific new colors and graphics.

Does Genetrix have any other products that will be new and/or updated for 2011?

Yes! We have a great line of updated XWY kite-specific board shorts that you will be able to order direct from our website and from our dealers.

These shorts are made slightly longer than most surf shorts which helps avoid the dreaded board short “ride-up” and to provide additional protection for the rider.

We will also have the best looking golf bag on the market in 2011 while still maintaining all the functionality of a traditional golf bag.

Friday, 15 October 2010

Snow to hit Britain

Think we may get some snow kiting in again this winter!!

Taken from the Daily Telegraph.

Winter will come early to Britain next week as snow is forecast for the north while the south will shiver in frosty sub-zero nights.

The cold snap will seem worse after temperatures soared to 75F (23C) last weekend.

Forecasters warned snow is due in Scotland and possibly northern England next week, with frost as far south as southern England, which will see bitter 48F (9C) daytime maximum temperatures.

Sir Stuart Rose reveals his secret at Sir David Frost's summer party“A northerly air stream in the middle part of next week means coldest conditions will probably be in Scotland, with sleet or snow showers and snow settling on higher ground,” said forecaster Brian Gaze of independent forecasters The Weather Outlook.

“Even southern England will feel distinctly chilly."

Forecasters Positive Weather Solutions have already predicted a ‘white-out’ winter almost as harsh as last winter - with widespread snow, temperatures down to -4F (-20C) and transport chaos.

The Weather Outlook, which has an accurate seasonal forecasting record, warned the UK is now being gripped by a bitter series of winters comparable with the harsh 1939-42 winters which made conditions so horrendous during the Second World War.

Last winter was the coldest for 31 years, with an average UK-wide temperature of just 34F (1.5C).

“Winters were mostly milder than average from 1991 to 2007, but this changed with a colder winter in 2008-09 and last winter being the worst since 1978-79,” Mr Gaze said.

“History shows cold winters do tend to come in clusters, indicating underlying factors cause them to persist for a number of years.

The heaviest snowfall occurs on the boundary between cold, dry air from the east and mild, moist air from the Atlantic - so it would not be a surprise to see the west of the UK having heavy snowfalls

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Blast Morocco Kitesurf Trip

Count down till the Blast Autumn Trip to Morocco

Kitesurf related injury's

Just really hurt my ankle ...again but opposite one to the one I did a few months back plus I really tweaked my knee so been checking stuff on kite related injury's

Ankle stuff here..
Air Wind & Water Sports: kiteboarding, stand-up paddleboarding, surfing ... &Itemid=67and

more kite related stuff here
Perfectly Fit Online

Gonna stick to my waveboard from now on!

Sunday, 3 October 2010

On the w/end the winds looked very iffy for ourbeaches so we cancelled the lessons to save the students wasted /frustrating days and headed west to our favourite beach.
Anyway we scored huge surf and scary waves....simply awesome!