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Monday, 28 March 2011

Summer Breeze?

We certainly seem to be getting some summer breeze's of late....yesterday was a classic case. Wind was forecast as light N.Easterly (offshore) so we packed  the van with SUP's and MTB's for some alernative action.
As we were leaving Porthcawl we thought we'd drive past the beach....just to check.
There was a nice steady seabreeze building so we quickly got changed and were all over it for an hour or two.
The Fluid ATV 12m was once again our weapon of choice as it pulls like a truck but steers like a it!

The week coming see's us heading back to more seasonal weather with some deep lows approaching so hopefully we will get the chance to try our small kites that have arrived at Blast but not been tried yet.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Genetrix Kites, a new drive forward.

Genetrix is a very well know kite brand within France with a huge heritage that goes back over 10 years but untill now it has had very little coverage both here in the UK and also in other parts of the world.
Now word is spreading about their performance/build quality and price!
Kiteworld will feature the new adverts during 2011 with both the Origin and Hydra due for tests in the coming season. There has already been an interview with Pro speed freak Seb Catelan and Fred from Xelerator featuring Genetrix and there is more in the pipeline.
They have broken pretty much every speed record with the Hydra and are the 1st to break the mythical 50knots and now 55knots. Now with the Genetrix Origin they are making waves into the wave/freeride/freestyle side of the sport.

2011 is going to be a great year for Genetrix

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Antigua/Barbuda short vids!

Didnt get much video from the trip with but did manage this little one, scared the sh*t out of me at 1st as it suddenly appeared in my face from nowhere.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

This month's Kiteworld Mag

This month's magazine is a great one for us at Blast Kiteboarding as it features many of the brands we have been shouting about for the past few years.
Genetrix have a double page advert, there 1st in a UK mag. This follows loads of articles etc in the last mag featuring the Genetrix Hydra kite used to break 8 national speed records last year.

There is also a test on the Zeeko Krush plus advert which gets rave reviews.

Also tested is the Xelerator Epic which as usual gets top marks.

Lastly Fluid Kites have there ATV kite tested in Cape Town in harsh gusty conditions and they loved it and that's before they even mention the price!!

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Home again in the UK, till next time!

Well I have safely arrived back in the UK and obviously it's good to meet up with loved ones and mates....bring on the wind now, so many new toys to try!

I would like thank Susy & Ged of Zenith Ocean Voyages who I have had the huge pleasure of spending a month with in Antigua/Barbuda aboard thier yacht the "Meercat"

The experiences I had during this time will stay with me forever. If you are a kitesurfer do yourself a favour, check out their itinery for the rest of the season and book yourself on board a dream kitesurf trip to the Caribbean with a diference that you will treasure for ever.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Slumming it!

Another week slumming it onboard the "Meercat" with Zenith Ocean Voyages. Cant believe my month working with them is almost up....loved every minute of it too.
I have kited some of the best spots this planet can offer and also met some great guys, John, Nate, Flo, Domonique, Hans, Cecilia and of course Ged & Susy.
The food has been exceptional and cant think of anywhere I'd rather be kiting right now.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Another week in Paradise

Well another week is over and another group of clients are about to leave us here on the The Meercat. The past week we have had awesome winds in both Barbuda and Antigua at Green Island. The gusests have included a Norwegian couple plus some pro riders from Naish Kites, making a promo video to be released soon.
Next week is my last week with Zenith Ocean Voyages (for now at least) and we have a group of Russians joining us once again for our trip to Barbuda.
Then I fly home in time for the Blast Frozen Jam!
Good Times............