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Monday, 10 January 2011

Mutiny Test Day

We were just about to head off to the beach for a session with some of the new kit we have. Sarah still had not had chance to try the Wainman kites and was desperate for a full day on the water.
Just as we were leaving for the beach with some mates DHL rocked up in there van....Bingo!

Yup the new Mutiny kites arrived just in time for a sweet session in 25mph + winds. It was a great chance to try our new kites back to back...Mutiny/Wainman/Genetrix/Zeeko
One thing that was clear is that there is no one kite that is better than the next, each person who tried them had there own favorite.

The Mutiny loves to be flown with spirit and rewards you with smooth effortless performance, the jumps were extremely lofty & very floaty.The kite flys very far forward in the window and is strikingly narrower than many of the new delta kites available from many brands now.The higer aspect shape of this kite helps with it's impressive upwind performance. Kiteloops were....well, huge! Can't wait to really spend some more time dialing in to the kites.

The attention to detail on the kites is simply stunning, this kite really is of the highest quality possible.
We spent a good 3 hours giving the kites a good thrashing in winds that peaked at over 30mph at times and loved every minute of it both on the TT and the surfboards.

The wind is forecast to blow all this week so we will get plenty more chances to try the kites in decent winds. If you want to try one of these awesome new kites get in touch with us and we will sort you out asap.

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