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Friday, 9 December 2011

GoPro HD2

So we just got hold of the latest GoPro HD2 the new updated version of this now classic little video camera.

These camera's have been making shakes in pretty much every extreme sports due to their compact and yet rugged nature, oh and their amazing quality footage too!

We have just had some amazing conditions and it's a shame we didnt have it here in time for those epic sessions but we have plenty more coming next week. Today we had some nice beach break fun though and was perfect conditions to play around with the camera and get to grips with exactly what it can do.

We managed to get some awesome footage and also some half decent photo's as seen here:
Today's session was also the first time we have had the chance to try the all new 2012 Blankforce Advisory Carbon Board....this board has a lot to live up to but...WOW
This board seems even smoother than the last one but still has an insane amount of pop. These boards just make you want to try new stuff...every session.

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