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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

First to 55

IKA News:

WSSRC ratifies first ever sailor over 55 knots
The WSSR Council announces the ratification of a new World Record:
Record : World Sailing Speed Record
Venue: Luderitz. Namibia
Name: Sebastien Cattalan. FRA
Equipment: Kitesurf. Xcelerator Custom. Genetrix 9 sqm
Dates: 28th October 2010.
Course length: 501M
Current: Nil
Start time: 13;56;22;01
Finish time: 13;56;39;56
Elapsed time: 17.55 seconds
Speed: 55.49 knots
Comments: Previous record: Alex Caizergues FRA. 54.10 kts, 12th October 2010, Luderitz

Sebastien is the first ever sailor to exceed 55 knots.

As there were a number of subsequent claims on the World Record during the month-long Luderitz speed event, the Council will announce them in chronological order as they are ratified. This will give due recognition to each holder, even though it may have only been for a limited period.

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