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Monday, 23 September 2013

The British Wavemasters 2013 - Isle of Tiree

What an event!

We have just arrived home from an epic trip up to the Isle of Tiree in the inner hebrides.
As long as we can remember we have intended to head to Tiree...just to see what all the fuss is about!
It did not disappoint!

I won the Senior Title last year so was keen to retain the title and Sarah was keen to improve on her second place, sadly it didn't work out for Sarah this time.

Before we left home the weather gurus were calling huge surf and big winds..the tail end of the seasons first Hurricane spinning across the Atlantic....Hurricane Humberto was going to deliver!

Initially we were worried that the ferry would not run due to the winds hitting in excess of 40mph, the previous days ferry was turned around as it tried to approach Tiree after four hours of sailing and only a mile or so away! However Monday morning arrived and we set sail from Oban with a few other competitors who had also committed to this mammoth trip.

We arrived on the Isle and after driving around the Island several times getting lost...the roads all look the same, we found our cottage and quickly set off for Balephuil Bay on the west coast.
It was flipping huge...think big buildings and on top of that the winds were as cross off and gusty as I've been in, probably between 5-35mph. There were times during the comp I wasn't sure what the hell size kite up...could have been 5m or 11m!
In the end I stuck with my new 2014 Epic Renegade 6.5m for all but one heat where I could barely hang onto a 9m

Sean Facey heading out!

Lee "pasty" Harvey was killing it in these
heavy conditions making it look so easy wasn't!

The next day was the first day of comp and we greeted with a smaller but still nice little wave and some sunshine too (between the showers)
Ian Edmondson from Expix was up on Tiree following the forecast for week and got some pretty cool photo's

 Our quiver of 4G Epic Renegades 5/6.5/9m

The atmosphere amongst the competitors was awesome, such a good chilled vibe. In all classes, Open, Seniors and Ladies there were so many capable of taking the title.
Early stand outs were Jon Ellman Brown totally ripping as always and winning the Highest scoring wave in the process. Jordon Scott also deserves a big shout, he missed the first day because of cancelled ferries etc He slowly built up during the next two rounds and eventually won the third round, beating George Noble (last years winner) and his mentor, he even beat Jon and the overall winner Lee....all this riding switch 'cos he prefers this to back side! Oh and I almost forgot, he's been kiting 18 months, yeh a whole 18 months! Someone to put your money on for a future title I reckon!
The comp ran very smoothly especially considering the extremely harsh conditions at times, amazing place, awesome conditions and a super group of people made for a truly fantastic event. 

I'd like to personally thank all those involved in making this such a great comp...The British Kitesports...Richard Gowers and his team Craig Smith, Robin Snuggs, Sukie Huntley Robertson local girl Helen Thompson

So the results for the week of comp were as follows:

Open - Lee "Pasty" Harvey (Cornwall)
Seniors - Marc "Blast" Rowley (Wales)
Ladies - Helen Thompson (Scotland)

More images here:

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