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Monday, 2 September 2013

Quick update.........

Blimey it's been a while since we did our last blogg!

So much to report....obviously it's been an amazing hot sunny summer but on the down side to this has been the distinct lack of wind here in S.Wales (and much of the UK)

Still there has been loads happening here in the world of Blast.

The Blast Bus is now pretty much complete and only a few minor things waiting to be done including a diesel heater for the winter months.
 Pretty easy to see where we got the graphics from hey!

We ran our first full group trip to Hatteras in Outer Banks USA back in May
Ten of us flew out to Epic Kites home for a full fourteen days of wind, it could not have gone better tbh
The Hatteras Video!

It wasn't long after returning from Hatteras that we were once again flying off on a group trip, this time to our regular spot in Portugal.
Once again we scored 14 out of 14 days of wind especially the second week with consistant winds in the 30's plus!

A video of Sarah & I in Portugal

As well as all these trips we have managed to get quite a few lessons in when it has blowed. We also did a trip to North Wales for an awesome weekend lit on 5-7m kites.
When it hasn't been blowing we have managed a few cable sessions wakeboarding, great alternative for no wind days, and of course a few great sessions on the SUP's.

We have just returned from the National Watersports Festival in Hayling Island where there was very little wind but a great show of kite brands as well as all the usual windsurf ones.
We even managed to get a light wind session on the V3 Infinity...a testament to how well this kite works in light winds. For a good while it was the only kite flying upwind in the extreme low winds.

I'm pretty damn sure we have missed loads more but thats enough for now and we will update with more info when we remember what else we have done!

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