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Saturday, 10 November 2012

Epic Dealer Week and Sandy came too!

So after our honeymooon trip to Brazil (see below) and then our successful trip to the Britsih Wavemasters Championships in Devon it was then time for my visit to Epic in Cape Hatteras in North Carolina USA.

It didnt start to well as they had no sign of my booking when I tried to check in at the US Airays desk..not good!  Fortunately I booked the last seat on the plane and made my way through passport control etc only to be pulled aside at every oportunity and searched/questioned. It turned out that my booking came up on the systems as cancelled and then because I rebooked on the day of the flight it came up as suspect!

Anyway all went fine, hired a car at Norfolk airport and made my way to Nags Head in Hatteras OBX
I was woken early by Granny D...long story but just check Dimitri's page on FB!
The first few days were pretty good meeting up with other dealers including our good freinds at Kitecave from Canada,Scratch from N.Carolina, and David from Brazil, we had some decent sessions testing the latest proto type kites.

The Screamer 10m Proto...testing the loopaaage

The wind then dropped for a few days so a few of us decided to change our tickets as there was a storm brewing further south apparantly. So after many phonecalls, flights,car hire,car parks etc were all sorted and I would be flying back to the UK the following Tuesday. We had a few decent sessions the next few days, even getting the chance to kite with the guys from SBC Magazine which alloud me the chance to try loads of other brand kites too. I was relieved that none came close to the feel of the Epic's for me at least!
Talk was beginning to spread that the storm was building, this of course was then renamed Hurricane Sandy and was begining to look vey ominous!

The day before Sandy arrived Dimitri and I had one of the most memorable sessions of my life, I arrived at the beach to see Dimitri already ripping it up in the double overhead surf in front of a huge crowd and also about half a dozen TV crews filming the crazy man. I decided not to look to close at the conditions and just get straight in there and rigged up my 5m. After about an hour we decided to do a downwinder...I didn't relaise that it was going to be 20miles in cross shore double overhead surf, cheers D.

That night Sandy hit big time causing extensive flooding and damage along the coastline, cutting off the road to the main spots where we would normally have been kiting. It was two days before we get back in the water and coninue the testing. Unfornately, Sandy hit N.J. and Philly the day I was due to return to the UK so I had to extend my ticket again, eventually flying home a week later than originally planned but this was nothing compared to misery that Sandy has inflicted on so many up and down this fragile coastline.

Once again I would like to thank both Dimitri and Helen at Epic for their amazing hospitality and being such amazing hosts, cheers guys!!
Next year it is rumoured that the Epic week will be in Brazil, bring it on!

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