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Thursday, 5 January 2012

The past few days Jan'12

Smallest kite's only needed!
The winds have been pretty mental here the past few days and quite honestly pretty dangerous for kiting, being so gusty. Today the winds were 30-50mph so we did the right thing and didn't bother.
We were very tempted though as the surf was huge and Coney Beach right near our house has been going off!
Check out the set out back!
I also decided to put my beloved board in for repair since I reckon it only had a few more sessions left in it anyway with a nasty crack wrapping around the rail near my front foot. Let's hope Roger Cooper can work his wonders whilst we are away snowboarding for a week!

Whilst walking the dog each day I was able to get a few photo's of both Coney Beach and the Pier getting hit by a few large ones!

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