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Sunday, 29 January 2012

It's an addiction.....

What motivates otherwise normal people to brave the cold atlantic waters in the desire to kitesurf, even on the coldest, darkest of miserable winters days?
It never ceases to amaze me that there are always plenty keen enough to do so, indeed any day there is a decent breeze you'll now find a crew of hard core kitesurfers filling thier boots, driven by the need for adrenalin.
No need for gloves or hoods just yet

Freestyle warriors, wave riders or simply just "mowing the lawn" it doesnt matter as long they're out there come rain sleet or snow all sharing the same simple passion that is kitesurfing!

Then again with the correct gear it's no longer as hard core as it used to be, gone are days of marrigolds. Now we have super efficient and flexible neoprene...thermal rash vests, hoods, boots and gloves that can handle the harshest of winter conditions.

As the numbers of kitesurfers continue to increase the more vans you can also find in the beach carparks, lined up with the heaters on full blast. Inside any one of these cosy wagons you'll find a social gathering of like minded adrenaline junkies, searching for thier next (natural) fix.

We have had probably the best autumn/winter period we have ever had here in the UK, since September it's blown and it's blown bloody hard too with mild westerly storms one after another pushing through. Most of our sessions here have been on 5's & 7's with a splattering of 9m Sessions also...but no need for 12m
I find that if I go for more than a week without a session my mood changes, doesn't matter how bad the session is either, it will still be enough to give you a lift.

As I write this it looks like we are about to enter a calmer period with cold easterlies forecast, temperatures are likely to drop drastically but at least we may get some snow sessions too...another fix!

It's an addiction, simple as!
I need a fix and I need it now!

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