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Sunday, 24 April 2011

Wind............ less

We've had a bit of spell now of light to no wind days but with awesome weather especially for this time of the year.
Many of the local kitesurfers are pulling thier hair out and driving up and down the M4 desperately hunting the slightest whiff of a sea breeze.
Laura, loving the outdoors..kite or bike it doesnt matter to her!

However we've been making the most of the beautiful warm sunny conditions and been clocking up the miles on the MTB's and also venturing further afeild on the SUP's. Mountain Biking was one of my main sports along with surfing before I discovered Kitesurfing 11 years ago so it's a great feeling to be back in the saddle and once again hitting the amazing trails around Afan Argoed....the UK mecca and one the top ten in the World apparantly.
Sarah...rock slab hopping!

We paddled out to the Fairy Buoy.....flipping hard paddle back to the coast against the tide though! Fantastic to see the coast from so far out. Ive kited out there many times but it's difficult to really get up close and have a good look like we could on the SUP's.
When the winds eventually hit at least we will be refreshed and fit for it!

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