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Thursday, 12 December 2013

Brazil - One Big Brazilian Adventure

The Blast Crew - Downwinder to Taiba
We have been home almost a fortnight now from what is arguably our best trip so far!
Brazil is probably the ultimate kitesurf destination because of it's consistant warm need for wetsuits here!
This year we took a group of twelve like minded souls on a journey from the capital of Brazilian Kitesurfing....Cumbucu up the coast to Jericocoara via a stop off at Paracaru.
This enabled all to get their fix, be it waves, flat water or downwinders (often also with both)

The kiting at Cumbucu is a great first into to the kiting in general on offer in Brazil. There are two main lagoons offering flater water for the freestyle guys, they are also an awesome place to watch the pro's practicing the latest tricks.

The quieter of the two is Tabooba, a short bus trip can still get busy so it's best to hit it early. You can downwind from here back to Cumbucu along the coast, be warned though it can get heavy pounding surf in front of the lagoon when the surf is up. It's then approx 7km back downwind in usually very little swell, or carry on for another 7-8km to Cauipi Lagoon. This downwinder can get much heavier swell....never that big - but it can be extremely heavy for it's size.

Twelve kiters produce a lot of kit......
After a few days getting into the Brazilian vibe we headed up the coast with just a one day stop at of my favourite spots. Here you have a lagoon at low tide with waves on the reef out the back.
 Twelve kitesurfers brings a hell of a lot of gear.....37 Kites/18Boards to be precise!
Next stop was Jeri another few hours drive up the coast, the further north you travel the windier it generally gets, so we were all getting excited to use our smallest kites.
Jeri also has no roads, just sand, a lot of sand..which tested the hire cars to the maximum!
Off road-ing Jeri stylee
 We hired a local driver for each of the cars we had, this was an experience in itself!
Pete, with the hire cars waiting on the waters edge....they also followed us on downwinders in case we needed them.
 The drivers!
Whilst in Jeri we did a mix of downwinders and flat water spots depending on your preference. The surf he is also smaller so it was great place for the less experienced to try there first downwinder, a new skill that's not as easy as it first sounds!

Next stop was Paracaru again, this time for a few days.
This spot was a favourite amongst many, not hard to see why with a cafe and palm tree tree beach umbrellas at the waters edge! Winds here were more like 9-12m with a nice small wave on the reef.
Then it was back down to Cumbucu for the final few days. Whilst in Cumbucu we met up with some of our long time friends who live there, one of which, Neil has his own Buggy which we he took us on plenty of excursions looking for surf.
The view from the restaurant
On the last day we also organised some buggy's for the whole group for a big downwinder to Taiba where we stopped for lunch in a beautiful restaurant set in lush trees on the seas edge. Poss the best day of the whole trip for many.
One of the buggy's
Sadly it was time to say goodbye to Brazil for another year, we had quickly got used to 30 degrees air temp with the water temp not far off the same! Whilst we were away we had heard the UK had slipped into a spell of very cold weather and hear we were basking in the warm winds each day oblivious to it.

We would just like to say a huge big thanks to all that came on the trip....

Next years will I'm sure be even better with helpful feedback from the guys regarding locations etc. I'd also like to thank Sarah@Blast for doing so much of the hard work a trip like this needs....(for no profit to us)
She's a diamond!
Thanks guys!

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