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Saturday, 26 January 2013

The Welsh Alps

What an awesome week we've had here in S.Wales!
How many places can you snowboard/kite/surf all in one day?

My leg was still in the cast from recently breaking it six weeks ago but it felt strong enough so I was not going to miss out on a rare day of snowboarding/snowkiting. So a small group headed up for a snowboard session on the hills around the Beacons. We arrived pretty early to find the main snow slope  with only a handful of people making the most of the untracked slopes.

After a few hours snowboarding we drove a few miles further up the A470 where we met a few other kiters there making the most the fresh snow. I had a good few runs on a mates kite/board and the leg felt even better than it was me more confidence if we were to have another dump of snow.

 Snowboarding in the Beacons

Followed by a sweet snowkite session.

 Another awesome SUP session in Porthcawl in between the dumps of snow.

On Tuesday we had a day showing off kitesurfing at the RAF Health and wellbeing exhibition, whilst we were there it was constantly dumping a fresh lot of snow especially up on the mountains.

My wingman Andy9Lives txt me early the next morning and we rushed up to Storey Arms where we found blue skies and up to waist deep fresh snow. It was a very long slog up to the top of Pen-Y-Fan especially as my cast had only been removed two days earlier.

What followed was easily one of the most memorable days kiting we both have ever had. We both took seven metre kites up but soon realised that this was way too small for the approx. 10knots of wind we had. 

We had a few hours in the super soft crystalised powder before heading back down to the car park, the treck down turned out to be the best part of the day as we found super soft smooth powder all the way down.

 Andy and I heading back to base camp.

 Austria, France, Switzerland..Nope Wales!

Once back at the cars we rushed back home to Porthcawl....forty minutes later we were at Rest Bay with a nice clean 3-4 feet breaking into the bay.

Anyway here's a vid of the last day we had

As I'm writing this we are about to get hit by a BIG swell from the Atlantic so we're hoping to get plenty of wave riding sessions over the next few days.

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