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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Epic Kites - Dealer Week USA

I have just returned from an Epic Dealer Trip to Cape Hattaras in North Carolina USA.

Screamers & Renegade

It gave me the chance to try each kite back to back in a huge range of conditions, ideal testing grounds!

We were provided with amazing accomodation right on the beach in Nags head and each day we'd check the conditions then decide which beach to head too....flat water slicks on the Sound side or head high surf on the Atlantic side.
Dimitri is, well he's Dimitri!!
Crazy, on and off the water he's simply 100mph. This made for an action packed week with non stop kiting every day.
His enthusiasm is amazing and very very infectious, it was amazing to see and witness so many people who tried the kites there. There were so many genuine stoked people loving the kites and boards.

There are basically three kites in the range:

Renegade: Do-all kite, beginner, freeride, wave

Screamer: Old school boosting machine (the highest I have jumped)

Judge: New School Freestyle C Kite
and then there is also the Infinity Light wind kite, a true light wind kite that you can still have fun on inc jumps etc

Judge C Kite

Screamer 10m LTD

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