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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Genetrix & Blankforce = Winning combination & Good Times!

So here we are just coming out of an awesome start to the summer, not a great summer for most sun worshippers but an epic one for us and our students/customers as the winds have been amazing.

The products we sell have been flying off the shelves as quick as we fill them up, the Genetrix kites and Blankforce boards are proving the best sellers and we have had awesome back-up from these two companies also, which brings us on nicely to  a few offers we have available.

If you run a school and would like to use any of the brands we distribute get in touch 'cos we believe we have a deal that cannot be beat.
We have been using the Genetrix kites with fantastic feedback in our school this year and believe you will love them for teaching with also. Paired with the Blankforce boards this makes for an awesome school setup and offers the chance for students to learn quickly and safely too.

Alternatively you may simply be looking for a killer deal on a simply stunning all-round user freindly kite....these kites keep it simple - one kite does it all!
*No Pulley's either so no more worn bridles!
*Bomber construction only using the very  best materials available.
*Spinning centre line system that works
*Instant relaunch
*One pump
*Value for money!

No need to try to figure which kite to choose from a brand that produces 7 kites for different puposes. How types of riding are there for goodness sake?

The Genetrix Origin2 is suitable for both beginners, wave riders, freestyle monkey's or regular weekend warriors but at a price that is not gonna bankrupt you.
We even have kites and boards for the increasing number of female riders out there, although they are available in plenty more colours not just pink!
If you are interested in trying some of the Genetrix Kites and Blankforce Boards then get in touch and we can arrange a demo for you, hey we may even visit your beach with the whole shebang to try!

We are constantly looking for embassadors down their local beach too so you never know we may be able to help out with a deal you simply cannot say no too!

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