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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Blast Frozen Jam

Actually it was more of a hot sticky jam this year as we had to run it late for a few reasons.The forecast was quite honestly rubbish, however we had managed to tun a few lessons over the previous few days so thought we'd go ahead and hope for a boost from a sea breeze as it had been so hot for the past week.

Saturday arrived and a small number of keen kiters arrived at Coney plus a few students we had booked in also.
The sun was out early and it was already very warm at 10am with a fair breeze building...not bad for march hey!


A few people stated tp pump up kites and were pleasantly surprised by the strength of the wind and had to change down kite sizes soon after getting out ont there 12/13's

By 2pm there were a heap of kites out blasting back and for with lots of happy smiley faces too.
 The new S.Series from Mutiny Kites!

Sadly at 2.30pm the wind suddenly died  just as more people arrived.....sorry guys but you should have got there earlier!

Eventually we packed up and made our way to Rest Bay for the S.Wales Kite club that was holding a EGM which approx 20 people attended....good things look like happening with the club with new comittee members lined up too.

We then headed to the Waterfront for a meal and a few jars of liquid refreshment.......

Sunday the winds were a bit lighter than the awesome day before but a few did still venture out most notably Ant, who found himself in a strong rip out past the pier wall and suddenly no power and unable to get back to Coney.....he was last seen dissapearing off towards Rest Bay ;-)

In the evening the surf was still pumping and a few of us had yet another sweet SUP session to wind up an epic weekend.

Huge thanks to everyone for showing up, despite the forecast..........result!!

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